Clerks poster parody



I used to think that the hardest thing to represent (realistically) was the human form, specifically the hands.  But thanks to a recent storm-front in So-Cal , I have realized the truly, most difficult thing to represent is… clouds.

I know I can draw/sketch clouds, but the major question is: can I paint it. Which is where, I think, my future lays. They have it all, as it where: hard and soft shapes, colors changing from one to others, and EVERYONE knows what they look like.

If I can nail down painting clouds, I can do anything.

Misson Statement

I am creating this as a record of my ideas.  As the name suggests I am an artist but I am very forgetful.

I see this as a slightly less pompous way of keeping a journal/diary of my thoughts and MIGHT be an interesting record of an artist as he works.  And let me be clear, I am doing this for me… no one else.  I am putting my raw ideas out for all the world to read because I find that idea interesting.  ‘Nuff said.